Starbucks policy on employee dating

06-Aug-2017 20:44

Samantha Cole, a barista in Omaha, Neb., said she struggles to get by on her supervisor's salary of .25 an hour.

Such pay may be better than what she would earn working for other retailers, but the 30-year-old mother of two say it's still not a living wage.

Liberte Locke, a 32-year-old "barista" at a Starbucks (SBUX) in New York City, is fed up."Starbucks' attitude is that there's always someone else who can do the job," she said in running through her complaints about life at the java giant.

If that isn't necessarily the consensus among Starbucks workers, interviews with nine current and former baristas at the company make clear it's not an isolated opinion, either.

Meanwhile, some baristas say they enjoy their work and feel valued by Starbucks.

"It's a decent place to work, and my manager and co-workers are great," said one employee who asked not to be identified.

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Hourly pay for full-time retail workers range from a high of .42 to .61 for lower-paid people, according to Demos, a liberal-leaning think tank in New York.Starbucks highlights such benefits as an example of its commitment to employees.

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